Power 21
Kiwi, strawberries, orange juice.

Power 22
Peach sliced, mango, papaya.

Power 23
Strawberies, blueberries, orange juice.

Power 24
Banana, mango, sliced pineapple.

Power 25
Strawberries, cranberry juice, blue berries.

Power 26
Banana, strawberries, orange juice.

Power 27
Pineapple juice, coconut, coconut milk, skim milk.

Power 28
Passion fruit, mango, pineapple juice.

Power 29
Papaya, strawberries, mango.

Power 30
Banana, strawberries, blueberries, nonfat milk.

A diet with plenty of FRUITS helps you fight against factors that increase the chance for heart disease. The quantity of fiber cunsumed may even be a more important factor than the amount of fat that is ingested by people.

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